The Sun God has been captured by Dras-Banur, the giant Kraken. Held under the waves, drowning over centuries, the oceans boil as he tries to break free. Most of the land is blanketed in constant storms and torrential rain.

Forests are submerged, towns are washed away. Some, like the Elves, Lizardfolk and Firbolgs, can adapt and live in these new flooded worlds, but many take to the skies, or head underground. 

The Hirax mountains form the northern border innundated land. Beyond them lies the once lush land of Oll, which has now been settled by Xivixia, Queen of Fire. Her flying City of Brass has scorched this land to dust, and it is now the Ruby Desert. 

Now nestles in the dunes, the city is home to many. Haven for the forgotten and rejected races. Travellers and refugees alike. Elementals, Warforged, Tieflings, Gnomes, Halflings and Goblins are commonplace. 

It is in a strange bazaar just outside the city gates, that we start our story.


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