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Welcome to the wiki for Quenched.
Please fill with any information, lies, rumors and half-heard whispers you or your characters have come across. This is not a repository of factual information, but a compilation of the things you and your characters know (or think they know). It will be of huge help when it comes to remembering something, someone, or a location visited six months to a year ago.

The primary locations for the campaign, at  least for now, are the Ruby Desert and the  City of Brass. I would recommend starting there if you are just wanting to browse through the information within.  There is a custom Pantheon and Calendar also, which I recommend checking out. 

Adventurers are a constant in this world. They explore, collect, prosper, kill and are killed, rise to greatness or fade into memory.
Below are the heroes of Quenched, current and past. May their rolls be always high, and their dungeons free of Mimics.


Broken Claw




Gomez Addams II


Format it using Textile if you want. 

Main Page

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