On the continent of Quilara, there are two major Pantheons. The gods worshipped by the people of the North (in and around the Ruby Desert) are part of the Braxen Pantheon. Whereas those worshipped by those in the South (the flooded forest and the boiling sea) are the Kaidelian Pantheon.  

There are some gods common to both of these Pantheons, but most of them are region specific. 
As gods are much more of a global force than a regional one, any change to the pantheon will cause disruptions in both. This happened most recently with the drowning of the Sun God in the South, which allowed Xixius to Ascend to Godhood in the North. 

There are 4 major types of god. 
Elements: Gods that represent a natural force (fire, the ocean, mountains)
Ideals: Come into being when enough sentient beings believe in the power of a specific thing. Similar to the Elements, but while the power of an Element is intangible, Ideals can fall from power. They are much more ephemeral.
Ascendants: Godhood attained by an mortal. 
Avatars: Elements are all created with an Earthly form that is intrinsically linked to their Celestial form. These Avatars take on the shape of powerful creatures and can be found where the God's power is strong. 

Braxen Pantheon

In the beginning, there was limitless darkness, and a perfect spinning sphere of electrum. From the unknowable corners of the darkness coalesced Ydros, the Shadow Shaper and from the shimmering patterns on the surface of the orb formed Hombriss, the Shaper. Hombris embodied  creativity and creation, and sought to turn his gargantuan sphere into something more. He began to pressing down on the sphere, forcing the shimmering blue orb to flatten until it had formed a vast disk. This was the prime material plane. 

Ydros did not covet the disk, nor the newly formed plane. Instead, he was content with the vast swathes of inky space as his domain. However, he did wish to share his home with someone. He created a partner from the darkness around him, and some stray beams of light from the spinning plane.

This creation was a terrifying creature. Infinite depth and darkness, and yet harnessing the powers of creation themself. Realising what he had created, Ydros tore this infant god in half, creating the twin goddesses of Onlena and Ithys. Onlena retained much of the dark strength, and only a scant portion of the creative powers. What she could form was deep and beautiful, yet destructive and consuming. With this power she formed the stars, great balls of devouring light. Her sister Ithys retained very little of the dark knowledge of the expanse, yet much of the creative energy was still within her. Her domain is the meaning behind the stars, as she creates coherent thoughts and prophecies from the movement of Onlena's orbs. 


Hombriss – The Worldsmith
Often portrayed as a grand white spider in a web of brilliant blue. The 'orbweaver', as he is know, is the creator of the prime material plane. He and Ydros are the progenitors of all the other gods.


Xixteus - God of Fire 
Previous King of the City of Brass, he ascended to Godhood and took up the mantle of the fallen Sun God, who is now trapped under the ocean. 

Robris – Essence of War
Birthed during the first conflict when Ydros, terrified of her power, tore his wife in two. The halves form the now twinned Goddesses Ithys and Onlena. This act of rage and destruction formed Robris.

Ydros – Endless Night

Onlena – Arcane Power
        Moon and Stars

Ithys – Celestial Knowledge


Artis – The Bearer of Fruit

Octyx – King beneath the Waves

Moldir - Inevitable Decay



Ulborh – Feybridge

Amlene – The Timekeeper


Kaidelian Pantheon

Ten Thousand Tomes – The Grand Librarian
Revered among the Tabaxi and the Tritons as a font of knowledge, he is said to inhabit an earthly library filled with all books written, lost, and never penned. A lover and hoarder of knowledge, Ten Thousand Tomes is said to accept any knowledge as praise to him.







Quenched Schodusk